FC BOLA, the TOMS of sports

The most influential Soccer Ball

As an avid sports fan we are excited to announce the launching of new sports start-up FC BOLA.

FC BOLA is a revolutionary and conscious brand that focuses on spreading sports and joy around the world to children in need.

Inspired by the “One for One” movement introduced by TOMS Shoes, FC BOLA emulated this model and adapted it to their conscious business. 

With an epic ‘throwback’ style design and great quality manufacturing they created the FC BOLA soccer ball.  Every time you purchase one of their soccer balls or other BOLA gear, they donate a ball to a child or team from a community in need.

FC BOLA has already launched in Argentina and they’ve donated over 10,000 soccer balls to children in need including communities of Africa, Costa Rica, Guatemala and 8 other countries.  

This year, their goal is to launch the movement in the US and achieve a dream of donating 100,000 soccer balls worldwide in 2019.  

Please join the movement by signing up here and receive early bird discounts and free entry into FC BOLA prices.

Check FC BOLA products HERE.