The Best and Most Influential Soccer Ball in the World

There are hundreds of soccer balls you can choose from out there.  You’ve got your major brand balls and a ton of other smaller brands. Here are 4 reasons why the FC BOLA ball is the absolute best ball in the market today! 

The Most Influential Soccer Ball

A ball is the most desired product amongst children in need.  While playing, children feel joy and learn important values that will last them a lifetime.

We became inspired by the One for One movement that TOMS Shoes introduced and we decided to start a company that really a made a difference amongst needy youth.

For every FC BOLA ball you purchase, we GIVE one to a child in need. 

We have already donated over 10,000 balls in 11 countries and we are now launching in the United States.  The difference that a simple soccer ball can make in a child’s life is shocking and has brought tears to all of us behind the FC BOLA movement when we see the reaction in kids’ faces.  When a child in need is gifted a ball that their families and themselves cannot afford to buy, their world lights up.  When they play, they live in the moment and forget all about their problems while learning values of teamwork, hard work, and respect.

There is no doubt that as the only soccer ball company that donates a ball for every ball sold, we have created the most influential soccer ball in the world.  However, without your support and involvement those kids will never have a soccer ball.

The Best Soccer Ball under $50

We are in the process of launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund our project to go Worldwide and manufacture a match ball to compete with a World Cup caliber ball.  before we get there, we decided to manufacture the absolute best soccer ball under $50.

These are the official BOLA ball specs:

  • Size 5 - 0.93lbs
  • COVER: 32 panels of superior machine-sewn composite leather cover for maximum performance during match play.
  • BACKING: Spandex backing for fast response off the foot. Foam construction for a soft touch and feel. 4-ply lining for shape retention. Dual-layer clear coat protection.

Best Soccer Ball for Training

As we mentioned above, we are in the process of raising funds to not only continue to donate soccer balls all over the world but also to manufacture a super high-quality match ball that will compete with the absolute best and most expensive ball in the world.  Essentially, we are designing a world cup caliber ball.

As you and the BOLA team both prepare to be in the World Cup one day, we know that you need to train to get there!  For your everyday use including turf play, grass, street or beach you need a great training ball that won’t break the bank.  The FC BOLA ball is exactly that.  It’s a great practice ball that is going to be your best ball for the price range built to last and provide you with ideal touch, feel, and weight.


Best Soccer Ball Design (Looks Matter ;) )

It’s not all about looks, but let’s be honest, it’s nice to have the sickest ball on your team.  We went back and studied soccer ball designs from the past 40 years.  What we came up with is a retro-fresh design to remind you of the old school mixed with the vibeyest new school you can imagine.  I mean, come on, just look at it.  The thing is a beauty!

All in all you have many reasons to check out a BOLA Ball.  For us, the most important is making a difference in the lives of thousands of children worldwide. 

It's not just the donation behind your purchase, but the stories and opportunities that you are enabling for every kid that receives a BOLA ball. We are part of a growing community of conscious human beings that think differently.

If you fit this description, please join us!