FC BOLA supports 'New Life in Spirit'

New Life in Spirit is a Christian youth soccer organization that helps athletes connect with spiritual needs, leadership programs, educational tutoring, gang intervention and other various programs that helps enrich the youth of today.

Fc Bola supports New Life in Spirit

The organization is led by Walter Loyola, former Brazilian Division 1 professional soccer player and coach of various soccer teams throughout the world. Walter has a passion for today's youth and feels there is a need to bridge the gap between soccer and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. In doing so, young athletes learn how to play the game with integrity, sportsmanship, teamwork and respect for their teammates as well as for their opponents. 

The goal in New Life in Spirit is to implement a sense of self-esteem and a love for God rather than being led astray by gangs and drug abuse. Social and spiritual awareness is stressed alongside of physical preparation and soccer strategies and tactics. 

Sports teams, camps, leagues and field trips are just some of the areas being looked upon to develop in the near future.

If this organization picked your interest, you can help buy buying any FC BOLA product HERE.

You can also personally reach Walter Loyola, founder at New Life in Spirit:

562.900.4758  |   walterloyolawl@gmail.com