Another major trend in 2023 is the greater emphasis on strategic partnerships in the outsourcing industry. Instead of viewing outsourcing as a transactional relationship, businesses are now seeking outsourcing providers that can work with them to achieve shared goals through strategic collaboration. The ability to deliver measurable business value through strategic partnerships will be highly valued by businesses seeking outsourcing services. Besides small operational tasks, more and more businesses choose to outsource high-end functions and processes. In addition to it, outsourcing to new countries and areas has become the fitting choice for countless organizations. Living in different time zones can cause some inconveniences during the cooperation process.

This growth is attributed to the increased demand for technology-driven solutions and digital transformation initiatives across various industries. The lack of in-house engineering talent will become one of the core reasons for the future trends of outsourcing. One survey that was conducted in the UK highlights the scale of the talent shortage. It illustrates that over 70% of technology employers in the UK expect to face a talent shortage over the next 12 months. Artificial intelligence (AI) and process automation (PA) are rapidly transforming the outsourcing industry.

Talent, IT, and new ways to outsource

Companies may also engage in charity work, supporting various social causes such as poverty alleviation, education, and healthcare. Considering the soaring prices of oil, logistics, and materials, the possibility of outsourcing is becoming more worthwhile for many businesses across the globe. Hence, companies that are more stable and competent in enabling crucial functions outsourcing are predisposed to a competitive advantage. Businesses that outsource solutions will aim to present their partners with more stability and security.

Hiring offshore developers (from a distant country) is the best option for long-term, complex projects when there is no in-house team or it’s small. One of the primary reasons companies opt for offshore software development firms is cost savings. Compared to onshore outsourcing, nearshore outsourcing may offer slightly lower operational costs, while offshoring can result in saving sometimes even twice more. Within a short period of time (at inVerita, up to 30 days), you can set up remote teams with experience in various tech stacks and domains. Companies may think long and deeply about their relationships with service providers.

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It can be challenging to update technology frequently, so companies are outsourcing to service providers. As the majority of the countries are under complete lockdown, many companies are repatriating services for the short term to plug the gaps. As the question of business continuity looms over all businesses, in the coming times, businesses would form new recovery plans to combat such disastrous situations.

what are future trends in outsourcing

After you make a hire, you need to provide quality compensation (especially in a tight labor market where talent is at a premium). That type of projected revenue is astronomical and is likely to serve as a seriously desirable point of aspiration for the industry. Expect more headlines about industry giants joining forces to create global behemoths throughout 2022. With a red hot job market, remote work boom, and technological advancements, the outsourcing industry is due for expansion in 2022. The difference in this year’s prediction is that the growth in the outsourcing industry is most likely to happen away from the typical outsourcing hubs like India and the Philippines. Of course, this increased adoption will have compliance and technology implications that will impact SLAs.

The future of outsourcing: Labor challenges will mean more remote work and automation

Because of the pandemic, many on-site call center locations have shifted to a fully remote setup in an effort to help keep their employees safe while still being able to cater to their clients. As the situation becomes better, call center agents are gradually easing back to the offices. A McKinsey study analyzed over 2,000 work activities for over 800 occupations.

what are future trends in outsourcing

For instance, cloud-based tools like time tracking app continued to grow throughout the pandemic. However, with a 7.86% CAGR, it is forecasted to reach $191.51 million by 2026. The IT Trends Report by Syntax highlights that 83% of leading IT organizations are considering partnering with global outsourcing services to handle any digital threats that may come along with this unexpected shift. In conclusion, the future trends of outsourcing point towards its continued expansion and importance in the business landscape. Companies will be recognizing the benefits of future trends of outsourcing more and more, which will result in increased adoption and a swift move towards more strategic partnerships.

Outcome-based contracting to gain prominence

The outsourcing industry has experienced significant growth in the IT sector in recent years, with IT tasks accounting for 37% of all outsourced tasks. This growth is driven by various factors, including cost savings, scalability, and flexibility. The average IT department budget allocated to outsourcing is 13.6%, indicating the importance of outsourcing in the IT industry. Despite the potential negative aspects some people have observed, outsourcing is continuously growing. Regardless of their sizes and specialties, organizations now adopt outsourcing and gradually enhance, reinforce, and expand their business. Both startups and large enterprises continue to use outsourcing services to gain a competitive advantage.

However, there was a pressing need to continue operations and stay competitive despite the uncertainty. Through the second half of the year, businesses started regaining trust in outsourcing companies and renewed their contracts with the main focus on business continuity and risk management. Most surveyed outsourcing companies said that although clients wanted agility, scalability, and technology enablement, the reduction of operational costs brought by outsourcing services was the primary decision making factor. Small companies are also less likely to have experienced employees due to their limited payroll budget, and outsourcing enables them to access the best talents. The financial analytics market encompasses revenues generated by entities providing financial functions analytics and financial market analytics services. The market value encompasses related goods sold by service providers as part of their offerings.

Trend #5. Outsourcing Core Business Services

The tech ecosystem had already embraced the Fourth Industrial Revolution in terms of advancing technologies. A new digital outsourcing model emerged to help outsourcing approaches technology outsourcing trends be at par with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Outsourcing services such as customer support improves the customer experience and lowers operational costs significantly.

This acquisition expands SAP SE’s business network, reinforcing its solutions to empower companies with financial flexibility and stability. Companies will approach service providers as service integrators who will not just complete the project but also share the risks and rewards for a more value-driven delivery. Companies will also benefit from such a contract as it will allow them to get an in-depth assessment of the possibility of any future outsourcing relations. Companies are becoming more aware of the risks and instead of creating an output-based contract, they will now be forming outcome-based contracts. This kind of outsourcing will not just mitigate the risks for the outsourcing buyers, but also motivate the outsourcing service providers by sharing rewards.

Improve Your Business by Embracing the Outsourcing Trends of 2021!

However, this will only be the case if a larger share of the population is comprised of the working age. For the longest time, employees born between 1946 to 1964 have represented the largest fraction of the working population. I discovered InfoQ’s contributor program earlier this year and have enjoyed it since then! In addition to providing me with a platform to share learning with a global community of software developers, InfoQ’s peer-to-peer review system has significantly improved my writing. If you’re searching for a place to share your software expertise, start contributing to InfoQ. According to a 2022 study on remote work by SCIKEY, 82% of respondents prefer working from home.

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